Clear and healthy pool
Clear and healthy pool
Disinfecting the water plays a crucial role in keeping the pool clean.

Slacking on the maintenance of the pool can result in the pool turning out to be a repellent to someone who wants to have a dip. The pools, if not kept clean, will turn into a hub for bacteria and other microorganisms which may raise some serious health concerns. Thinking of ways to keep your pool, inground pool UV system is the best answer. UV lights are the best answer to killing bacteria, algae and other microorganisms without the use of any chemical, providing a safe, clean swimming experience.

UV Lamp

UV light sanitizers are not completely chemical-free, but they clean the pool with the least use of chemicals.

The lamp uses germicidal UV rays to kill germs present in the water, on the surface and in the air which possess a threat to the pool. The UV light rays target bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and alter their DNA, destroying their reproductive capabilities, ultimately killing them. The UV rays sanitize the pool almost with no chemicals. The lamp is not harmful to humans, thus ensuring a safe swimming experience.

The pool water goes through the pool’s filtration system first, and then through the UV rays. The water flows through graphite housing where a UV light destroys bacteria, algae, viruses, and other microorganisms by attacking them through their cell walls. Most of the pools use a little bit of chlorine, which might be much less than the amount used in pools relying on chemicals.

The pools using UV lamps for the disinfection systems are safe. The UV lamp does not leave residual graphite, which makes the pool safe and easy to clean. The UV lamps are housed in secure housing and the rays cannot leave or escape the sterilization chamber. Besides, the process is eco-friendly. A safe swim is ensured.

Norsup offers you two types of UV lamps, with or without replacement indicator. Please ask your Norsup dealer which type of UV lamp best fits your wishes.