Cookies policy

When making use of the Norsup website in search of products or services, you agree to the use of cookies as described in this notice. Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to the hard drive of the devices you access our content with. These cookies do not harm to your computer or the files you contain on it. With the help of cookies we collect information from the devices you use to access Norsups content, products and services. We use this information to amongst others facilitate your browser experience by remembering preferences and settings. Furthermore we like to keep track of what websites, information and links are popular when our customers browse through our websites using ‘analytics cookies’. These cookies are powered by a reliable and well-known external company, Google.

A breakdown of the sole purposes of our cookies can be viewed below:

  • The number of visitors on our page
  • The hours visitors spend on our website
  • The order in which a visitor browses through the various pages of our website
  • Optimising of the website
  • Assessing which parts of our website need adjustment
  • Reading your browser settings to optimise the functionality of the website and the information thereon.
  • Remembering your preferences and settings, such as location, etc.
  • The passing of information from one page to the next page, so that you do not have to fill in the same information every time
  • Load the websites evenly, so that the sites remain accessible
  • Make it possible to respond to our websites

Cookies lifespan & Data Management

The cookies which we use to retain your information have a varying lifespan. The maximum lifespan is ten years from your last visit to the website. All cookies can be removed from your browser settings at your convenience.

As a data subject of Norsup, you have the right to request all the personal data which we hold of you. For an overview hereof you can simply send an email to If you find there to be incorrect information contained of you by us, then we will update this as soon as we receive notice from you. You can also request your data to be removed from our customer database by sending an email to

Norsup uses the following cookies:

Cookiename Description Duration
Session cookies Session cookies are used by the server to store information about user’s page activities. Anonymous identifier of the current session is encrypted in the session cookies and they do not contain any personal information in the unencrypted form. Session cookie is stored in the temporary memory and is removed when a user closes the Web browser.
Anti-forgery cookies Anti-forgery cookies are used to prevent CSRF attacks. It guarantees that the user is the one who initially requested the page form. It prevents from anybody to forge a link and have it activated by an authenticated user. Session cookie is stored in the temporary memory and is removed when a user closes the Web browser.
Google Analytics cookies These cookies collect information about how people are using our site, for example which pages are visited the most often, how people are moving from one link to another and if they get error messages from certain pages. All information these cookies collect is grouped together with information from other people’s use of our site on an anonymous basis. Overall, these cookies provide us with analytical information about how our site is performing and how we can improve it. More about third party cookies from Google can be found here