Lengthen your swimming season with help of a heating system and enjoy your pool for a longer period of time.

Nobody wants to swim in a cold pool! Heating systems are the only solution to this problem but can be expensive. That is why Norsup recommend installing an air source heat pump, which is proven to be the most efficient & cheapest way to heat your pool. Heat pumps convert the air’s energy into warm pool water. Using the latest inverter technology, the Norsup heat pump range can save you up to 16 times the cost of running an electric heater. Norsup heat pumps are also 50% more energy efficient than standard heat pumps on the market. They are easy to install and can run virtually silent. Lengthen your swimming season by installing a heat pump!

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Inverter Heat Pumps

Norsup heat pumps are equipped with the very latest inverter technology that offers a fully variable speed fan & compressor which means the heat pump can run at optimum efficiency at all times. Full power is used to do the hard work at the start of the season to get to the desired temperature quickly. Then everything is scaled back to allow the unit to run at a fraction of the power and noise level during the season and overnight. You do not want to disturb the neighbours! The titanium heat exchangers give optimum heat transfer and are resistant to all chemicals, even salt-water pools. They even allow you to control your heating remotely using the WiFi app available.

Norsup heat pump range
Norsup offers heat pumps for all pool sizes and different models to cope with restricted access to air flow. You can remotely control your pool using the WiFi-app on your mobile or tablet to guarantee perfect water temperatures at all times.
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