NorsupOne app and controller
NorsupOne app and controller
Your pool at your fingertips

Norsup makes ultimate convenience and worry-free enjoyment possible with the Norsup controller in combination with the NorsupOne app.

Central platform

NorsupOne is a platform for controlling and automating swimming pool components such as pool pump, heat pump, filter, (salt) chlorinator and lights from your phone, using the Norsup Controller. The app lets you control all these devices manually and automatically. Set min and max values for your equipment, turn on the pool heating, turn on the lights and get an alarm when maintenance is needed. Your complete pool is at your fingertips.

The app also includes warranty registration for all Norsup products.

More information & downloads

Your Norsup dealer can tell you all about the Norsup controller and the NorsupOne app!

Download the app now and check our YouTube channel for instructions!

NorupOne app

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