Without this vital piece of equipment your pool water will never reach the crystal clear water we all expect in a swimming pool. Not exactly fun for swimming in?

Pool filter types

There are 2 types of pool filter: Sand Filters & Cartridge Filters.

Norsup can give some very simple advise. If you are looking for ultimate relaxation a cartridge filter is not for you. Norsup pools are all in-ground swimming pools and the levels of filtration & maintenance we expect you to enjoy from a Norsup pool will not be reached using a cartridge filter.

Therefore, Norsup recommends the installation of a sand filter. Sand filters will remove far more dirt & debris from your pool and will require much less regular maintenance. Sand filters are filled with sand or glass filter media and your pool pump forces pool water through this media which removes dirt before entering back into your pool. Sand filters need to be cleaned by a process known as backwashing where the media is agitated and dirt lifts out of the media and can be flushed through to waste. Backwashing times vary but it is a good idea to get into a regular cycle of backwashing at least every 2 to 6 weeks.

As well as sand you can also use glass filter media. Glass improves the speed and efficiency of backwashing meaning less water loss and needs to be changed less regularly. If you do not maintain a strict backwashing routine sand can harden and cause “channeling”. Water always chooses the path of least resistance so if the sand forms channels the water passes through a dramatically reduces the amount of filtration taking place which is why sand needs to be changed annually. Glass is less prone to channeling and therefore needs changing less frequently.

Filters are often also combined with a pump on its own tray which is known as a filter set.

Norsup filters in different materials
Norsup filters in different materials

Norsup offers you different types of sand filters. For example, with an extra-large opening for easy refill. And in different sizes, from different materials and durability. A Norsup dealer will advise you in the best option for your pool.

Norsup dealers
A Norsup dealer can tell you all about the Norsup sand filters. Search for a dealer near you.