Avoid evaporation of pool water
Avoid evaporation of pool water
Majority of the water from the pool is lost due to evaporation.

According to studies, over 70% of the water from pools and spas are lost due to the same reason. This not just results in the loss of water, but also a massive energy loss. Another issue with an open pool is the increased chance of dirt and debris to get in contact with it. This results in the pool getting dirtier and may require frequent cleaning. Therefore, it’s ideal to use a pool cover. The pool cover not only keeps the debris away but also prevents evaporation to a great extent. A pool cover is recommended for a pool.

Save energy

Reducing evaporation is not the only benefit of using pool covers. Pool covers also keep the pool warm. As water is lost via evaporation, we are also losing heat energy generated by the heat pumps. The pool cover traps the heat in the pool and keeps the water warm, thus saving energy.

Additionally, pool covers protect the pool from getting in contact with debris, dirt and other sediments. This results in less chemical usage, less cleaning and more cost-efficiency.

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic.
Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic.

Pool covers can be of various types, depending on the convenience you seek: Manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

Manual covers are inexpensive. You have to pull the cover on and off, fold it and store it securely, all manually.

Semi-automatic covers are motor-driven. A motor is used to cover or uncover the pool, but one has to guide the cover towards the reel when rolling the cover.

Automatic covers are expensive but very convenient. Covering or uncovering the pool is easy. All you need to do is push a button.

Norsup offers you automatic and semi-automatic pool covers which can be tailored to the Norsup PE pools. The covers are available in different colors. Please ask your Norsup dealer which type of cover best fits your wishes.