Pool pumps circulate water through your filtration system. If you want to maintain clean, clear water you must ensure that all the pool water is filtered at least twice a day, otherwise known as the turnover rate. Your pool pump needs to be large enough to provide the correct turnover of pool water. However, turnover rate is not the only factor governing the choice of pump. The demands placed on it by the various pieces of equipment connected with your filtration system such as the heat pump, suction pool cleaners & waterfalls all need to be considered. Your Norsup dealer can advise you on which type of pump to choose to suit your needs. The following themes are important when choosing the ideal pump:

Pool pump types

Pool pumps have had to develop significantly over the years to keep up with the demand of new pool designs and features.

Single speed vs variable speed

Norsup offers the Evo+ single speed pump range. Single speed circulation pumps have been industry standard for many years. The pump motor spins the impellor at a fixed speed which is dictated by the horsepower of the motor.

Why not upgrade to the Norsup Evo+ variable speed pump (or VSTD)? Research has proven that single speed pumps are not as energy efficient as variable speed pumps. It is cheaper to run a pump 24 hours a day at lower speed than it is to run a pump at full speed for 12 hours a day and can actually improve the filtration & water clarity in your pool. The benefits to the Evo+ VSTD pump are numerous. Single speed pumps use a standard induction motor which loses energy due to friction (ever wondered why your pump gets hot?) but the variable speed motor uses a permanent magnetic motor. The shaft does not come into contact with anything therefore no friction, less energy with the added benefit that it is super quiet! Achieve better filtration, reduced costs thanks to energy efficiency & flexible work cycles and reduced noise levels with the Norsup Evo+ VSTD pump.


The more powerful your pool pump is—meaning, the more horsepower it has—the faster it will turn the water over, so you can run it slower, less often or for shorter periods of time. But this also depends on the size of your filter and the filtration  pipework, among other things.

Norsup EVO+ and EVO+VSTD
Norsup EVO+ and EVO+VSTD

Norsup offers you two types of pumps: a single speed version, the EVO+ and variable speed version, the EVO+VSTD. The latter is significantly more friendly to the environment and can be programmed to create the perfect filtration cycle for your pool. Your Norsup dealer can advise you on the best pump to suit your needs.

Norsup dealers
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