The pool pump is the heart of any swimming pool.

The pool pump is the heart of any swimming pool. It circulates the water through the filtration system. To remain clean and clear, all the water in your pool must be completely filtered at least once a day. This is called the turnover rate. Your pump must be large enough to turn over your pool’s full volume at least once per day. But the needed pump does not only depend on the size of your pool, also on your demands and other connected equipment. Your pool installer will advise you which pump fits your needs. The following themes are important when choosing the right pump:

Pool pump types

Pool pumps have been developed significantly in the past years, as our pool demands have also changed.

Norsup offers you single speed pumps. These are the most basic ones. Single speed refers to the fact that the motor spins the impeller at only one speed according to the horsepower of the motor.

A quieter, more environmentally friendly but also a somewhat more expensive choice is the Norsup variable speed pump. Instead of an induction motor like the single speed version has, a variable speed pool pump uses a permanent magnet motor, the kind used in electric cars. A magnet motor creates less friction than an induction motor. Less motor friction equals higher efficiency. Variable-speed pumps also consume less power and turn the water over more quickly. They also run at lower revolutions per minute (RPM) than single- and dual-speed pumps, so they’re quieter.


The more powerful your pool pump is—meaning, the more horsepower it has—the faster it will turn the water over, so you can run it less often and for shorter periods of time. But this also depends on the size of your filter and the filtration system’s pipes, among other things.

Norsup EVO+ and EVO+VSTD
Norsup EVO+ and EVO+VSTD

Norsup offers you two types of pumps: a single speed version, the EVO+ and variable speed version, the EVO+VSTD. The latter one is more environmentally friendly and can be programmed with different programs. Please ask your Norsup dealer which type of pump best fits your wishes.