Using a pool cover has many advantages

The use of a pool cover is an essential to achieve the highest levels of pool comfort. Covers provide numerous advantages. Read all about it in this blog.

flat pool enclosure

Save on water bills

Ever wondered why you are constantly topping up your pool water? According to studies carried out, over 70% of pool water lost is due to evaporation. This does not just lead to water loss, it also leads to huge energy loss and the excessive consumption of pool chemicals. A further issue is the increased risk of dirt and debris falling into your pool which requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Therefore it is now a must for all pool owners to install a quality pool cover.

Save energy

As your precious water evaporates, so too does the heat contained within the pool. The cost of heating your pool can be your greatest expense and therefore losing heat can cost a significant amount. A pool cover is vital to allow your pool to retain as much heat as possible, keeping your pool at the perfect temperature and saving on heating bills. A pool cover could allow your swimming season to be extended for much longer than you thought possible.

Those lucky enough to live in warmer climates can also benefit as a slatted pool cover can also protect your pool from overheating in the burning sun. You may be thankful that slatted covers can also reflect the sun away from your pool which maintains your perfect pool temperature. It will also increase the lifespan of your pool as excessive water temperatures are damaging to pool lining and can fade the colour of your pool.

Keep your pool clean

You can imagine how all sorts of dirt and debris can enter an open swimming pool. Pool covers are the perfect way to prevent this. Not only can you keep your pool clean and reduce the need for cleaning and backwashing of your filter, it will also reduce your chemical usage as debris, such as degrading leaves releasing unwanted chemicals into that water that also need to be treated. So save money and time by reducing cleaning and chemical costs.

slatted pool cover


Swimming pools are there for the whole family to enjoy including children and pets. You cannot always be on hand to watch over them so take precautions to keep the pool area safe at all times. Pool covers are designed to withstand significant weight and therefore remove the risk of falling into the pool when unsupervised.

Enable inside swimming

There are different types of pool covers. From simple solar covers to slatted covers and even complete enclosures. For every style of pool you desire there is a pool cover perfect for your requirements.

Pool enclosures, for example, make it possible to transform your outdoor pool into the perfect indoor swimming area. which means you can swim all year round!

Pool enclosure

So you can see that pool covers of all types are not just a luxury but an essential way to create your perfect swimming pool. You can also be proud that you are running your pool in an environmentally conscious way.

Norsup offers you a wide selection of pool covers and enclosures, each of which can be tailormade to suit your imaginative designs.  Talk to your Norsup dealer to create your perfect pool..