The many advantages of the Norsup inverter heat pump

When you read an advertisement for the sale of a luxury home, it often states ‘heated swimming pool’. A swimming pool in your home is still associated with luxury, and heating in particular is an essential part.

heat pump at pool side

Why a pool heat pump?

Swimming in a heated pool is actually no longer a luxury, but almost a need in our climate. You would like to use your pool comfortably, regardless of the weather. To make this possible, you do need a good heating system on the pool.

In the past, a swimming pool was heated with natural gas or electricity. Today these are techniques outdated due to inefficient returns and maintenance-intensive installations. In addition, heating by the sun is a cheap solution, but you remain dependent on the weather.

About 10 years ago, the heat pump for a swimming pool became a popular heating solution.

How does a heat pump work?

You can see a swimming pool heat pump as a reverse air conditioning. In principle, the same technique is used by extracting energy from the air and transferring it to the water in the pool. In this way you get really cooled air from the opening of the heat pump (at the front or top of the Norsup models).

Thanks to an innovative application of this technique, the yield is higher than the energy input from electricity (simply from the socket in your home). Your heat pump therefore gains more energy than it costs and transfers the generated energy to the swimming pool via a heat exchanger. Does this sound too technical to you? No problem, fortunately our models work almost independently after installation.

The inverter models from Norsup

We can even easily calculate the energy yield of a heat pump for you. Suppose your power grid supplies 1 kW of power to the heat pump, then after the conversion for example 10 kW of energy is delivered to the bath water. The return on your power consumption is then 1000%. By default, we express this efficiency in the COP value and each unit indicates in advance which COP value can be achieved.

However, technology does not stand still and modern heat pumps can achieve a higher efficiency for you. This is done by means of the so-called inverter technology. By running the heat pump at full power for 2 hours every day, you can now also opt for an operation of, for example, 6 hours at 40% of the power. Just like with the fuel consumption of a car, the average consumption then drops considerably. Fortunately, you do not have to think about this every day, because the operation is completely automatic.

The benefits of our Norsup pool heat pumps

There is a wide choice of different heat pumps. That offer seems attractive, but it doesn’t make it any easier for you.

Our Norsup dealers consciously choose innovative and modern heat pumps. Since they are at the forefront of knowledge and experience, they know how to distinguish quality and will offer you a model with confidence. But what makes our heat pumps stand out from other models?

The characteristics of a Norsup heat pump for a swimming pool:

  • No less than 4 years warranty on the entire heat pump and even 10 years on the heat exchanger and compressor. No more worries about the quality and return of your investment.
  • A high COP value (efficiency) depending on the air and water temperature. Our models also work at lower temperatures, so you can swim your lengths in the months of March / April and in the autumn.
  • Modern and digital operation. All necessary information is clearly stated on the color display, or you can view the data on your smartphone.
  • The ability to cool. Suppose the temperature in the pool becomes too hot for you due to a heat wave, the Norsup heat pump can cool the water to the set value.
  • More environmentally friendly. Norsup also attaches importance to the environment and uses the refrigerant gas R32, which is a significant improvement over the older variants.
Heat pump at pool side

The right choice of a heat pump for your swimming pool

Your (upcoming) swimming pool may seem like just a basin of water, but there is more to it than you might think at first glance. The water treatment and heating are carefully chosen for the right combination of investment, comfort and user-friendly equipment.

Norsup supplies 18 different models to enable the pool builder to choose the right model for you. Your dealer knows best which type suits the size of the pool, the method of insulation / cover and your budget. A consideration is, for example, not to select the heat pump output too small. And somewhat larger capacity results in an average lower consumption with the inverter technology described earlier.

With a Norsup pool heat pump you invest in a top model pool heating. It provides a comfortable swimming pool with less consumption costs and you also extend the swimming season.

A Norsup heat pump works perfectly with all other Norsup equipment (think, for example, of the complete control of all swimming pool equipment via the NorsupOne control unit), but also works well with other brands.

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